Okram Yoga

Yoga, is the ancient tradition that has done wonders for the mind and body for centuries.

It is a great way to improve the overall health of the body by offering a wealth of benefits, both mentally and physically. At Hamam Omerye we offer two choices, the "hot" OKRAM - yoga inside our Hamam Bath and Regular yoga in the Hamam Garden when the weather allows it.

There are many benefits in practicing Yoga. This frequent exercise greatly helps to improve your overall health, enhance blood circulation, the digestive system, reduce blood sugar and regulate the adrenal glands, and promote bone and joint health. In addition Yoga increases blood flow and heart rate. Especially Yoga inside the Hamam bath, due to the high temperatures, helps people maintain a healthy weight, eliminate toxins and boost their immunity.

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    1 Person €38.00
    2 Person €70.00
  • Duration

    25 Minutes


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