Apres Hamam

It is within the history and architecture of the Haman, the oriental colours of the cabins, and the lush aromas of the bath that you awaken your senses for better inspiration! It gives you appetite for more!
Hidden behind HAMAM OMERYE on Soutsou Street, we created the Privè Après Hamam; a small green paradise where you can spend time in between your services of choice, or even for massage services (weather permitting) as well as for special events (such as corporate meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) HAMAM OMERYE’s Jarden d 'Après is a new, independent Privè Club which aims to gather different people under one roof; people that are interested in relaxation and grooming, in recreation with the essential meaning of the word as well as alternative fun. It is deal for people seeking good taste and quality, without loosing the essence of things and without being consumed by banal luxuries. It’s for people who appreciate art, fine wine and well-being.
In addition to being able to relax through our unique services tailored to their own needs, on their own or with friends, members of the club can opt to organise professional meetings and seminars for their staff every Monday and Tuesday. With the "do it yourself" logic, and redefining a new era, we created a new trend; linking care, relaxation, recreation as well as the liberation the soul and spirit through culture, within a place that respects history.

8 Tyllirias Square 1016
Nicosia, Cyprus
+357 22 460006

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