1. What you need to know

Upon entering the HAMAM OMERYE and after choosing the service of your desire, we supply you with a towel (to cover your body), a pair of slippers, a Loofah and soap. You may also want to bring your own swimsuit for your personal comfort (We can provide you with disposable underwear). These are the only items you will need inside the Hamam. If you have any health issues please make sure to inform us prior to your appointment. Upon entry, you will be directed towards our special cabins where you can change and wrap yourself with the towel provided and enter the warm baths. The temperature inside the baths is kept between 40-43°C, with slight humidity. The bath consists of a large polygonal marble slab with historic troughs. An additional four small baths are found on the perimeter of the main baths that can also be used as private entities.

Our therapists will welcome and guide you according to the service(s) you have chosen. The time spent in the baths before any service is very important. Relax or simply sit on the warm marble surfaces or even on the floor, next to the troughs, with the running water from the traditional fountains until the body starts to sweat (up to 30') by throwing alternating hot or cold water onto your body. Then, if you have chosen to, the therapist will wash your skin with a Loofah in order to remove any dead skin, using natural soap. When you feel ready to leave the baths, you are provided with dry towels. Leaving the warm baths and bringing your body back to its normal temperature, you are welcome to have a hot tea and lokum, served in HAMAM OMERYE's cabin areas.

In the Hamam area you can request an organised boudoir with a hair dryer and moisturising creams for the face, body and hair.

2. Are there separate rooms for women and men?

Hammam Omerye is open for both men and women, except for Thursdays that is reserved for women only. If you prefer a private session, you can ask for one of the small rooms for up to three people, depending on the services you choose.

3. What do I need to bring with me?

For your personal comfort you can bring a swimsuit with you. We provide one-use underwear and towels which will keep you covered you throughout your stay inside of the Hamam.

4. What is the duration?

The duration always depends on the choice of treatment. To achieve the complete benefits of the Hamam, for healthy individuals, we recommend that the maximum duration of stay inside the Hamam is up to 90 minutes. For a successful detoxification the whole procedure requires that you take a cold shower every 30 minutes with a few minutes of relaxation in our special cabins with tea and lokum. We suggest you do this at least twice during your stay.

5. Do I need to book an appointment?

To ensure that you have a great service, it is recommended that you book an appointment by phone or e-mail for any of our treatments. If, however, you come to the Hamam without an appointment and there is availability, we will gladly accommodate you.

To use the Hamam baths only, you can visit us without booking an appointment.

6. Are the masseurs female or male?

Our specalised therapists are women from Thailand and Bali. At times there are also male therapists who provide services to individuals who prefer a male therapist.

7. What should I avoid before the Hamam?

Avoid the consumption of alcohol as well as large amounts of food.

8. Can I visit the Hamam baths with my family?
Of course you can. Children over the age of 18 are admitted into the Hamam.
9. How can I pay?
You can pay at the Hamam Omerye reception desk either by cash or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard). For gift vouchers, you can print it electronically and the payment is deposited in a bank account or through internet banking. For further information, please contact Hamam Omerye’s reception.

8 Tyllirias Square 1016
Nicosia, Cyprus
+357 22 460006

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