Ghassoul Clay

Ghassoul Clay is a 100% natural ecological clay.
It comes from the tips of the Moroccan Atlas mountains. It is a very special mask of absolute beauty, rich in minerals and offers obvious natural beauty. It has been used by Moroccan women to clean and care for the whole body and hair for centuries. It holds its name from the Arabic word 'ghassala' which means ‘wash’, clean. It contains many beneficial minerals such as silicon, aluminums, iron, sodium etc.
It deeply cleanses the skin and hair, removes odour, sebum and grease, mildly exfoliates, reduces irritation and dryness, tightens skin and leaves skin glowing. It is used as a great, thorough cleansing ritual for the entire body and hair. The treatment leaves your skin and hair revitalised and shiny.
  • Recommended

    For people with healthy skin once every 40 days and for people with skin conditions, always on recommendation of the specialist therapist and at more regular intervals!
  • What you need to know

    The time of your stay in the bath is equally important for this treatment. Elderly people and people with health issues should always have the consent of their treating physician. Admission to pregnant women, people with heart disease and other conditions is not recommended.

    May cause micro-irritation after application to people with sensitive skin .

  • What you will feel

    Rested, relaxed and your skin will be hydrated.
  • Suggested

    For individuals with dehydrated and dull skin.
  • Price


  • Duration

    55 Minutes

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