Kara Sabun

«A trip with scents from Morocco»
It is a profound treatment - a rejuvenation therapy, which has its roots in Morocco. The peculiarity of this traditional technique which has the main element of the black creamy soap and eucalyptus oil, takes you on a delightful journey. Many have described it as a miracle of nature. Thanks to its incredible properties, such as its content of vitamins A, E, F and aromatic eucalyptus that calms, it revitalises the soul and the spirit, leaving you with healthy and beautiful skin. This exfoliation removes the dead skin cells in depth while helping with the stimulation of the muscle mass through the eucalyptus content.

This exfoliation removes the dead skin cells in depth while helping with the stimulation of the muscle mass through the eucalyptus content. The combination of the moist warm space of the bath and the properties of the soap is best for the immediate boost of the circulatory system. The process begins with a relaxing stay (up to 30 ') in the Bath of the Hamam in order to moisten the skin by choosing to relax on the warm plate or floor near the historic troughs with running water. Then, the entire body is covered with liquid black soap for 5’.

After this, the therapist, using a special glove and light massage movements (25 ') helps to activate all the benefits of this treatment. Finally, the body is rinsed with plenty of alternating hot and cold water. This delightful ritual can be continued with relaxation in the bath or in the special area of our cabins, combined with the aroma of oriental tea and lokum (Turkish delights).

  • Recommended

    In Cyprus it is recommended during all months of the year. During the summer, due to high temperatures, it is recommended more frequently as the body overcomes the feeling of heat (due to weather conditions), feeling cool and fresh.
  • What you need to know

    As for all peeling services, the recommended time of stay inside of the bath is 60’. Elderly people and people with health issues should always have the consent of their treating physician and should always mention health problems when booking their appointment. Admission to pregnant women, people with heart disease and other conditions is not recommended.
  • What you will feel

    Φρεσκάδα, ενέργεια και πολύ ανάλαφρη. Το δέρμα καθαρίζει σε βάθος, επανακτά τη χαμένη λάμψη και την ελαστικότητα του.
  • Suggested

    To all individuals over 18 years old who enjoy the benefits of the bath and especially to people with high muscle mass and athletes.
  • Price

  • Duration

    25 Minutes

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